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Born in a small Oklahoma town and raised in Texas, Carlye Katz graduated from The University of Texas at Austin.

Carlye currently lives in California with her husband, Tal, and their beloved Bichon, Arliss.

She is at work on her second book, Glow Guy.

Lose weight, reverse disease, sleep well, revitalize, and fortify your efforts with motivation and inspiration—Glow will light the way.

Real weight loss advice from a real expert. Carlye was fat for more than 25 years. She finally lost 150 pounds—for good. What’s more, she reversed a long list of chronic diseases and ailments such as Type II diabetes and fibromyalgia. Learn from her mistakes and take with you her secrets to success.

Leave the fat behind you and let your best, most radiant self emerge!

Carlye will tell you how to

  1. detoxify your body to effectively burn fat

  2. reverse chronic, life-threatening diseases

  3. recover from food addiction

  4. identify the foods that are ruining your health and

  your weight loss efforts

  1. bask in the peace of never dieting again

  2. prepare quick and satisfying meals on the go

  3. enjoy healthy, delicious food on a budget

  4. create youthful, dewy skin and lustrous hair

  5. leaving dieting in the past and reveal your glow

  6. ...and much more

Reclaim your life and get glowing—your skinny jeans are waiting!

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